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Sussex 4×4 Response Provides Assistance To The Emergency Services and Local Authorities In Adverse Weather Conditions.

Welcome To The Website Of Sussex 4×4 Response.
In 1999 a 4×4 response group was started in Norfolk to provide support to the local community in times of need, From that a national 4×4 response organisation was then formed in 2008, Since then groups have formed across the country.
We are all volunteers with our time given freely to support and help our community in times of need using our 4×4 vehicles to go where other vehicles can’t.

Who Are We & What We Do ?

Sussex 4×4 Response is a registered charity that offers various services to Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other Agencies within Sussex, We are part of The National 4×4 Response Network and a Category3 Response Organisation and have Working agreements with Sussex Police, East & West Sussex County Councils, NHS Sussex, Sussex Hospices & Raynet to name a few in Sussex.

We have fully trained and insured Responsers who are members of our charity who officially carry out Response work, they have the skills needed for off road/severe weather driving, Search and Rescue, First Aid, navigation and radio communication and more.

This would be primarily be providing 4×4 transport in times of severe weather (Snow, gales, heavy rain and floods) & Any Other Major Emergencies in Sussex this can be to transport essential personnel or supplies to areas that would be hard or impossible to reach in normal vehicles, and/or in support of local authority centres.

We work with Sussex Police and other teams to provide transport for the search of missing persons.

We also Provide mobile marshals for events such as sponsored walks, midnight walks, road closures, & other charity events.

How do we operate in Sussex ?
In times of need we operate alongside county and local councils, Sussex Police & emergency services, Hospitals, Any major event is coordinated by TCC (Tactical Control Centre) and EPO (Emergency Planning Officers) so operations run smoothly between all agencies involved.

If you are a parish council in need of assistance in an emergency you would normally contact your main ESCC or WSCC council for us to become involved if we had not been instructed to assist in your area already.
We have MOU’s (Memorandum Of Understanding) with Sussex Police, Councils, also with Raynet, NHS, and other local hospitals and Hospices.

Locally within Sussex during the winter our responders are carrying out various tasks in the local community under our organisation.

We provide transport to paramedics, nurses and doctors to there relevant places of work or if needed transported the doctors and nurses on there patient rounds.
We also provide many of the local hospitals in the area with assistance transporting staff to and from the hospitals.
As a group we also attend many local shows and emergency services open days and also organise social events such as BBQ’s and camping events as well as running training days throughout the year for our Responders.

Sussex 4×4 Response is here to assist you – Build us into your Agencies Emergency Pre-Plan ! Please See Our Contact Us Page.

Finally, if you have any questions please do contact the group either through our forum, via our information telephone number – 07077 079706 – or by email to – contact@sussex4x4response.org.uk

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your interest in the group

Chairman, Sussex 4×4 Response Team.

Registered Charity Number 1155780

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